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Tensions with bisexual friends


“But a couple of things happened that really disturbed me. I shared a house with a friend and was very friendly with and babysat endlessly for her small daughters. She was appalled at where I’d ended up politically and was quite hostile and there was a real shift in her attitude to my being around her kids. I’d lived with them since they were little and we’d all have a bath together, if I was babysitting it was a good way of calming them down and we’d all pile in and out – I remember her getting quite anxious about me having a bath with them when before there’d never been an issue. I interpreted the problem to be because I had decided to be a . She wasn’t uptight about relationships between women, but a lot of those women were still married to their blokes. I used to call them the ‘wife-swappers’ because they all had affairs with each other. Only one woman from that group was a lesbian and I used to feel really sorry for her, none of them were going to commit to anything other than their relationships with men. Those women really struggled with me being a and became much less friendly to me, I was quite surprised”.

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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