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Experimenting with communal living (1970s)


 Experimenting with communal living (1970s)
“There were a lot of experiments going on. I went to a [Women’s Lib conference] in Manchester and stayed in an all woman house and they were really trying hard to come to terms with a different way of living, so they all looked after all the children, it was outrageous really. It was the first time ever in my life I’d seen anybody go to the lavatory without shutting the door. There were still edges on me that were being knocked off all the time. Communal living experiments went on all over the place and straight women tried it as well but it didn’t work with them because they got jealous of one another’s blokes. The blokes must have been besides themselves with joy, ‘I’ve had to sleep with her and then sleep with her’, they got a lot of licence, I never thought the women got much out of that but they may have.”

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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