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Joining the Communist Party


"I finished college and went to night school to do a Sociology A level, where I met a woman who was in the and I just liked the things she was talking about politically. I obviously came from a Labour voting family, a family, but I’d always been aware that the didn’t do a lot for people. I joined the in Birmingham which is relevant because it was through them that I got interested in and became part of the [Women’s Liberation Movement]”.

“The was very top heavy, blokes ran it but the women were giving them a lot of stick at that time and a lot of arguing went on. It was the only place really that a would feel comfortable. The movement then was still very very dominated by white working class politics, miners, engineering workers, all of that, every industry worker. You’d have never got away with calling people Chairwoman or Chairperson in those situations but you did in the , they adjusted to fit the membership which was in their interests because hundreds of women joined”.

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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