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Academic bullying amongst lesbians


Bridget said that during the mid seventies to mid eighties, “There was a great deal of academic bullying in the lesbian feminist movement, there was quite a lot of repression by people who were the most vocal and the most literate, on those that weren’t. I know the people at the bottom of the pecking order felt quite intimidated, there were several key figures, and we’re coming on to people now, not the actual people, but people of the same type as Bea Campbell, or Germaine Greer, that same sort of overbearing presence, but they were still part of the movement, but not the sort that were down the Old Mo. But there was a nucleus of quite academic, university graduate feminists there. Barbara came to lesbianism by the feminist route, but a lot of time everyone got on well and mucked in, but there were a lot of tensions”.

Contributed by: Barbara Carter, 53, Bridget Malin, 62

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