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Uptight about the past


“I can see it was difficult for others, leaving aside the fact that Stacey on her own managed to attract very strong emotions; about ten years ago, a long time since we’d been involved in all that, we had a party at our house, and Stacey and some other lesbians came, and they were so uptight about being in the same space, they found it difficult enough to relate to me, I’d ended up with some sort of reputation for being purist and difficult, and having a high opinion of myself, and not wanting to co-exist with others, and judging other people and all that. I know that was how it was seen but it’s not how it felt to us at all. There are some women I know well now, who had a definite view of me in the past who discovered that that wasn’t really the case, I’m not going to jump down their throats and give them a hard time, but I think that there are others, who I’ve not got to know, who still hold that view, it’s continued over time, I was taken by surprise when I realised how uptight some women still were about some things that happened, though in my world they didn’t even happen”.

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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