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Women's discos in the 1990s came and went


“In the later 90s we used to hire the on Pershore Road for monthly , from around 1996/7. They were organised by a woman called Wash, who was in the movement”.

“There were two short-lived organisations, ‘[Henrietta’s Out]’, named after a character in Thomas the Tank Engine and one called a ‘’ who had occasional discos above a pub called the Country Girl on Raddlebarn Road. They didn’t last long”.

“There have been intermittent attempts by women to do things for women, they come and go, and fade. That sort of thing has fizzled too and the scene has become more mixed. The also had a disco, it’s a history of finding a space, putting a disco on. Also because lesbians traditionally don’t earn as much, so there was never anyone who could put any money behind it, so there was no continuity”.

Contributed by: Inge Thornton, 46

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