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Sociable crowd at the Greyhound in 1975


Gill: “Very fortunately, though he didn’t know it, my husband had decided he would have the children on Tuesday evenings, so that left me free to go to The (laughter). It had just started, around 1975; and you (Betty) were going to The Greyhound at this time too.”
Betty: “I remember it as being fairly sort of a sociable sort of crowd. I remember having people’s birthday parties there - ’s 21st we had there with a cake”.
G: “Initially, it certainly wasn’t the sort of place where if you turned up, nobody spoke to you. People did make people welcome if they were new or hadn’t seen them before. I mean, obviously, as it got bigger, I think that got more difficult for you to necessarily know who was new”.
B: “But it was very much the same people a lot of the time. You saw a lot of the same crowd over and over. I can remember an Australian woman. I don’t know how she must have found it, who taught Caroline and I a couple more songs, I remember sitting there and learning songs one night”.

Contributed by: Gill Coffin, 63, Betty Hagglund, 50

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