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The Old Moseley Arms


Bridget said “The biggest meeting place round here () was the - the ‘Old Mo’ which was quite amazing really – in the public bar at the front, were prostitutes, tramps, alcoholics, police drinking, and a huge lesbian clientele. The landlord and landlady were a wonderful straight Irish couple, their daughter was a policewoman.

We used to go down on a Saturday night and drink and play in the room at the back, which was entirely women really. We could still be there and have a fry up breakfast on Sunday morning, on occasions! That was really where we went for day to day socialising for all of us, as opposed to the once a month disco. For at least ten years, the back room at the Old Mo was the epicentre for lesbians.

There was a ladies’ five a side team formed and although we were the heavy drinking heavy smoking dykes, we won the local cup one year, god knows how!”

Contributed by: Barbara Carter, 53, Bridget Malin, 62

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