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Geographical ‘sets’ of women 1960s


The only other place, perhaps late sixties, was the Silver Web club in Wolverhampton, but Pam only ever went a couple of times. There was the Birmingham set, the Black Country set, and another set from Redditch, but they rarely all got together.

“My set were basically people I’d originally met through sport, with spin-offs. The other set I met were the ambulance drivers, before I worked for the ambulance service, who I met because I worked in a hospital and had ambulance drivers coming into my department. They loved it because they could wear shirts and ties all day. There was the occasional party, which was heaving with women so that you could hardly move. There were always reasons why you couldn’t have parties - parents, neighbours, transport etc. More often at each other’s houses,it was a drink and a game of cards, so it was nice to find a pub or club you could meet at.”

Contributed by: Pam Hudson, 63

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