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Meeting through a friend in 2003


Meridy was working in Hereford when she met Abba, who is a chef, through a straight friend who knew that they were both lesbian. “We were chatting and there was a connection, Abba stole my phone number from my friend’s phone and we were texting back and forth. We went for a date that night, and chatted and chatted and chatted". At that time Abba was 21 and Meridy was 28. “We both thought we were in our mid-twenties, we must have been behaving at that level”. When she found out Meridy thought ‘Oh I’m a cradle snatcher!’. Eventually they moved in together. Abba bought an engagement ring and proposed to Meridy while they were on a walk to their favourite spot. Abba said, “Meridy said ‘Yes’ straight away!” and they became engaged.

Abba and Meridy were the first lesbians in Worcester to register their , on 21st December 2005

Contributed by: Meridy Swann-Flint, 31

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