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Yes I would


“Yes, we (John and I) probably would have done it (had a civil partnership). It would have been nice.  But I haven’t lost out.  He probably wouldn’t have gone into it, he was very appreciative of my suggestion of changing my name to his because of the trouble we were having, but on reflection I think I probably got the best bargain.  On reflection, being in the hotel world, along came the Marriot chain, didn’t it?  Had I still been Mr Marriot and worked in a Marriot Hotel I’d have been Managing Director in no time but there is no paperwork except one piece of paper which is the original agreement to change my name and that’s locked away in one of my boxes but there’s no other connection with Marriot whatsoever.”

“If I went into another relationship and, God forbid, he wanted some sixty six year old bimbo, if I start another relationship and I felt strongly enough about him to go into a civil relationship, yeah.  I wouldn’t wear a white suit and a pink shirt or any of that, I wouldn’t wear a big hat with flowers on either but, yes, I would go into one. I’m going to a civil partnership with my friends at Edgbaston next weekend.  They’re going to have a civil partnership just to tidy up loose ends because they’re now fifty five and they’ve been together thirty years.”

Contributed by: Robin McGarry, 66

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