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Female friendships


Bridget talked about the fact that although it was never illegal for lesbians, it was assumed amongst most of the population that women didn’t really have a sexuality, so that lesbianism didn’t happen and was therefore ignored. “There was a sort of acceptance of ladies having very close female friendships, even in a small village like Broadway (where she grew up), women could live together as it wasn’t thought of as sexual, and indeed they probably never conceived themselves that it could have been. We have some friends, older women who live together who are just like us but they would be horrified at the thought of sleeping together, they are a smashing couple and good friends, they are good Christian women, but it is rather curious that that whole part of our lives isn’t mentioned with them. It’s never actually fronted face on, we all swim in the nude in the pool and they display no embarrassment, we don‘t do anything too overt.”.

Contributed by: Bridget Malin, 62

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