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Exploring sexuality age six to eight


"I probably realised I was different at the age of five. A lot of people say ‘How can you know at that age?’ At that age I didn't understand what gay was but I knew I was different. However some of the stuff about me was stereotypical but some wasn't. I didn't want to play with my sister's dolls; I always had Action Men, Star Wars, I always had Lego. At the same time I wasn't a fighter, I wasn't into football. I was probably exploring my sexuality around five or six with kids my own age, lying on top of boys when I was five, six, seven. It was probably of a sexual nature but I probably didn't realise at that age. When I was about 8 in 1979 my mum found me doing something with a kid from across the road and she said it was dirty. The kid I was doing things with said ‘Do you want to do some stuff?’. I said ‘Yes but I can't because mum says it's dirty’. I knew from then that it was wrong, you're different and that's bad. A lot of kids go through that phase; a lot of the kids I did things with have turned out to be heterosexual, allegedly”.

Contributed by: Derek, 35

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