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Fighting Back


Twiggy was approached by a TV company to film a piece on getting dressed in his flat which was then near Tescos, Five Ways, and then going out to the ; "A week after the show was aired, me and some mates got the bus down Broad Street and a gang of kids on BMX bikes chased us all the way into town on the bus. Every time it stopped they threw stones at the windows, and when we got off in town these 14-15 year old kids grabbed us either side and dragged us along on our knees down the street. We were seen as the lowest form of society, so it was OK to abuse or attack you in the street. I fought back, I ran towards the kids and took my six inch heels off and hit one of them in the head, when I got to the Powerhouse the heel was covered in blood and hair, you had to fight back!"

Contributed by: Twiggy, 40

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