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Men’s view of lesbians nowadays


Bridget said that “Nowadays, lesbians are quite objectified by men in porn, so now it’s a macho thing to like lesbians”. Barbara said that “There has been the feminisation of lesbians, lipstick lesbians, it’s gone mainstream, glamorous bimbos doing it for the pleasure of someone watching, it’s not now about man-hating dykes, there’s a whole turn around”. Bridget said that whereas a lot of women are quite comfortable with the idea of lesbians, and quite enjoy a men-free evening in the company of lesbians, men’s views haven’t changed much at all. “Most of our clients are working class and think about what they tell us, and when lesbians come in it is in the most derogatory terms”.

Contributed by: Barbara Carter, 53, Bridget Malin, 62

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