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I felt comfortable in Birmingham


ďI left Birmingham in 2000 having been in the West Midlands for 22 years. I left because I am from Cardiff and Cardiff was going through a renaissance; there was a new optimism. I felt comfortable in Birmingham, I still do. Every major city needs a lesbian and gay community resource centre, something that the community collectively owns. Itís important to connect people to their history. A lot of people donít know where theyíve come from, donít know history of lesbian and gay life. There is a need for a non-threatening space that is not associated with alcohol. Birmingham is seeing a growth of luxury housing in the centre and itís good that people are moving back into the centre. But it seems that Birminghamís gay village is threatened by this and the community was there first. Over-development is a great scurge in a number of cities, driven by greedy developers. Birmingham has got some things right, such a series of set piece public squares."

Contributed by: Lyn David Thomas, 47

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