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Parties in the 60s


Trevor talks about parties in the 1960s. “It was drinking and dancing, you’d go and have a drink and take a bottle back or some beer and there’d be music playing on the record player and you’d dance, or go into a corner and cuddle up, or talk, it was a very friendly atmosphere, none of this jazzing about dancing, it was holding each other, which there isn’t today, nobody has any smoochy dances today, I miss that, that’s an idea what to do at MGM ([Mature Gay Men’s Group])– I think we’ll have an old time dance, a tea dance, that would be nice! We’ll do that!. I always remember at the clubs when they first started there was a very nice one started in Wolverhampton, on the Cannock Road, called the Flamingo, two ladies started it off, it used to be lovely on a Saturday night, all smoochy dances, you know the seventies records were all smoochy dances and nice, everyone used to dance.”

Contributed by: Trevor Hall, 76

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