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Mixed scene now


Twiggy talked about the scene "But look at it now, it's all too mixed, I think that's a bad thing, after working in gay clubs. I think the thing that really wrecked it was '' because you go down Canal Street in Manchester any night of the week and it's 70% hen parties, the gay men don't go out, diversity is great but you know... I was working in Ayanapa a few summers ago, and I was home for two weeks, there for two weeks for about three and a half months, even though it was a clubby scene there was nothing there gay, so when I came home and wanted to meet a gay man, that's what I wanted to do, I didn't want to go into a gay club and have a woman pinch my arse dressed in a f*^king cowboy hat. I had a letter published in Attitude, you know us gay men and lesbians, we do need our own, like at Pride, there is women only tents, people of colour tents, I know there's men only clubs, but I think if you go to gay clubs it should be predominantly gay. It's nice to have the mix and if you're coming out, you take a couple of straight friends, but I think now it's too diverse, too mixed. It's all over, national, apart from in London, there's so many gay clubs, so many gay people seven nights a week. You can go out in London and it can be quite similar or completely different, the main clubs are Heaven and G.A.Y. and that's because they've got acts on and cheap drinks and they're the most notorious gay clubs, but I've got friends in London, I go quite regularly, and even then in the mixed gay clubs, it's just tourists".

Contributed by: Twiggy, 40

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