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A typical 60s night out


Trevor recalls a typical gay night out in the 1960s. “After that there was always parties, because there was no clubs, you were asked here and you were asked there, and you got to know a lot of people in the bars by their first names, and it was like a little social club, you went in and said ‘Hallo’ and what have you. It’s not like that today, all that’s gone, it was a nice little group of people, and they were always dressed in suits, no casual dress at all, and at 10 o clock it all disappeared, and we would all wander down New Street, to the bottom, past the Odeon, and there were some milk bars there, and everyone used to go in the milk bar and have a drink, a coffee, then you had to rush for your last bus home. All that’s changed now, but it was lovely, a lovely life, and I never came across any problems ever, never. But that was our life, we used to go to the cinema, and to the theatre, and we had quite a nice social life, but it wasn’t all sex”.

Contributed by: Trevor Hall, 76

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