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Homophobia over Pride 2005


Becky describes a further homophobic incident. "At Birmingham , May Bank Holiday 2005, a load of Asian kids about fourteen, fifteen, sixteen again gave us loads of abuse outside New Street station. I was being all lovey dovey with my girlfriend. My mistake. They said 'Oh my God, Oh my God, you're real lesbians. Bloody hell. Go on, are you gonna snog her? Horny? You're dirty disgusting. You should be killed.' Their tone was nasty. There was a whole load of them which made it worse, all round us in a circle. It took a policeman coming over and rescuing us and telling them to go away for it to stop. We talked to him afterwards and he said 'This has been happening all weekend because people come to Birmingham for the Pride weekend and it's alright when it's in the Gay Village but stuff does happen’. He told us a guy had been completely knocked unconscious in New Street station”.

Contributed by: Becky Tebbett, 27

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