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Homophobia from Black youths


Will (who is mixed race) talks about the homophobia he has experienced from black people. "To be honest the only homophobia I've experienced has been from black youths, they are the ones that hate the fact gay people exist and they verbalise that hatred, it's to do with culture and religion. I'm not saying everyone but a lot of the people I have come across, they say there is no such thing as gay and men should not be gay, maybe I got it because I am mixed race myself 'How can a mixed race guy be gay?' and they see it only as white thing."

Will discusses his feelings while being homophobically abused "It was horrible, I'm not the only person who's been through it, it's very, very stressful, you are scared to go out and you don't know what to do. The people abusing you are bullies and the only way to deal with them is go to the Council and the police".The first time he was abused, in 1995 aged 21, Will did not know you could go to the police and suffered the abuse. The second time he was more educated about his rights. "I'd heard the police had powers, they came round and interviewed the person abusing me and it stopped."

Contributed by: Will, 33

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