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Harassment through late teens


Derek describes persistent and from an older boy.

“At the age of 15,16, there was an older kid in the street who accused me of being gay, he was 19 and he was a milkman in the area that I went to school in ( on the Sutton border). He was going around asking kids whether they knew me and he said that he was going to get me and everything. One thing I never did was really kind of cower down to him. I was quite defiant. I wouldn't fight him, I would just stare him out. I found the whole thing very stressful more the psychological part because it went on for so long. Even when I was 18, 19 and going out to straight pubs people were saying ‘So and so says you're gay’. I live in a cul-de-sac so I had no real choice but to walk past his house. I remember phoning the police in about 1990 after he got his mate to punch me while I was taking my two dogs for a walk. He wouldn't do anything but get his mates to attack me. In the end it just put me to the limit where I offered his mate out for a fight but he wouldn't fight me. Even when I was 20 he was going around telling people I was queer. Ironically now that person is a officer like myself. I think he was infatuated by me. I think now that he saw something in himself that he didn't like. Apparently he's married now that they have no children but that's always quite questionable”.

Contributed by: Derek, 35

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