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Digbeth Police object to Thorp Street Gale, 1981


During the process of moving from Witton Lane, Aston to in the City we, the Committee, were advised that Digbeth police would be objecting to our 'Special Hours Certificate' on the grounds of 'parking provision was not going to be provided by the Club'

A meeting was arranged with a Chief Inspector at . Charles Sewell, Secretary, myself, Treasurer and our solicitor Mr Geoffrey Scholles, (a partner in the firm of Eversheds) attended and a very, very brief meeting was held.

Police Inspector :- Because you will not be providing parking we will be objecting.

G.Scholles :- When the Licensing inspect the Club and grant a 'Certificate of Sutability' the magistrates SHALL grant a 'Special Hours Certificate' The word shall in the regulations the strongest WILL HAPPEN word in English law.

Meeting over... The Police did not object :)

Licensing note:-

To operate the Club (from its inception to incorporation) 4 pieces of paper had to be held.
A Social Club licence = Drinks until 10:30 - Restaurant Licence = Drinks until 11:30 - Certificate of Suitability + Special Hours Certificate = Drinks until 02:00.

The Nightingale until incorporation was 'A Working Men's Club' albeit a gay club.

Contributed by: John Jeffries aka jinks, 60

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