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Difficulty accessing the Nightingale


At the Twiggy said "I was regularly refused entry because of the way I looked in the early eighties; I dressed in an alternative manner to the regular guys in denim. The only way I got in hassle free was when I made friends with George Bancroft the manager at the time! And that took 18months to 2 years."

"They would say 'We don't want her, that sort in here,' because we were so overtly gay, and these were all backstreet bars where you knock on the door to go in, they were all really out of the way places, it was all quite secretive, and if we were seen coming out and getting in a cab it would go round, 'this is a gay club, I've just picked up this freaky person', but look at it now, the amount of people that merge".

Contributed by: Twiggy, 40

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