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Nightingale Robbery


This article from 'Lesbian and Gay News West Midlands' describes a particulalry brutal robbery, which occured at the Nightingale Club in 1991.


Burglars armed with a knife stole 10,000 from the Cub in Birmingham subjecting staff to a terrifying ordeal In the process.
The raid took place on the morning of Sunday 21st July and was described by Birmingham CID as a "particularly nasty and well planed attack", the masked thieves gained entry to the club by knocking on the front door in , and on it being opened by a cleaner, forced their way in while threatening her with a knife. Using the twelve inch blade they then cut cables from a video and tied up a cashier, binding his hands together after first forcing him to open the safe and hand over the takings from the previous night. They also made a noose from the cable and placed this round the cleaner's neck. They then made their getaway through the front door before the police arrived.

Both staff suffered from shock as a result of their ordeal and the cashier suffered bruising to his arms and wrists. The police who are still looking for the men are appealing to witnesses who may have seen the men to come forward.

Contributed by: Lesbian and Gay News West Midlands, 16

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