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The best sound and light in Birmingham


The club was the first to have a laser show in Birmingham, and also had a glitter ball, mirrors and smoke machines. Greg James helped the Nightingale to get their sound system when it first opened in Thorp Street. “He was a New Yorker and he was rash, brash and a bundle of fun.”

was a resident DJ who played 2/3 nights a week as did .  They played music, “they mixed music on beats per minute; they could do it so the beats per minute rose steadily throughout the evening, Duncan and Tony De Vit were masters.”
“Tony De Vit and Funky Duncan wouldn’t comply with sound restrictions of the committee regarding the volume.  Greg James put in compressors so the louder it went the more distorted the sound became and then put a grill over the controls.  The DJs used wires to manipulate the controls through the grill”.

Contributed by: John Jeffries aka jinks, 60

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