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Memories from down under! 1982 - 7


"I’m 44 and have lived in Sydney (Australia) since 1989. However, I was born in Birmingham and grew up near Worcester.

Friends and I used to go clubbing regularly in Brum from around 1982 to 1987 when I moved to London.

It would be magical to see some information on gay nights at the nightclub – I think it was on Monday nights and I remember I used to ride there on my bike!

My favourite memories though are from the old 'Gale () and Thursday nights at the . I used to have the charts that used to print each week –amazing Italo-Disco blasting out from the fantastic sound system. I often went to his record store to source the great music he played.

I remember little Duncan, a friend of mine, and a guy named Ray who used to have Hassidic side locks – a great crew.

I also remember of course - especially one night at the Gale when he chased some guy around the edge of the dancefloor balcony before catching him and attacking with a stiletto!!

Some amazing nights –like Lime doing an appearance at the Gale.

Anyways, enough of my memories – Good on you all for the project."

Contributed by: Gary Groutage, 44

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