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Butch and femme


Pam said the all changed with the introduction of jeans and tee shirts and .
“People became less formal. What you did in the bedroom didn’t matter but she was no longer this feminine thing, but was dressed the same as you in jeans and tee shirt. Equality came and this butch ‘you’re my woman’ changed to just two women together, and it’s changed more and more through the seventies and eighties so women now are fairly equal. In the sixties the butch would sit there and be waited on and her woman was expected to do the cooking and cleaning and all the things that housewives would do, but the rules changed, and I do feel it was to do with unisex clothes, and with it, unisex thinking, and hairstyles all got mixed up (and the roles in heterosexual relationships were also being challenged).”

Contributed by: Pam Hudson, 63

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