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Opening Gavans politically motivated


ďWe then started to get very involved in gay politics, with rights for lesbians and gays, and Iím among the old school, Iím not very good at going out on the streets carrying a banner and harassing people, I like to do it in private, behind the scenes, lobbying, and lobbying with money. I then took the gamble, because of the limited social scene and how things were restricted, because then the Nightingale didnít let women in, they had to be guests, and you had to make an application, so I opened , it became very popular, and that was very politically motivated. Although it was a business in the commercial sense for me it was very politically motivated, there was a lot of people in Wolverhampton screaming for racial equality, the Asian community, the West Indian Afro-Caribbean community, and no-one was screaming for us, nobody was even talking about us."

Contributed by: Bill Gavan, 56

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