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Alternative 80s Fashion


"It was the eighties, everything was changing, the Goths were just developing, all upside down crosses and fishnets, and the was a place for everyone, gay, straight, or confused". "I think it was easy (to be gay) because I was going to clubs and everyone was an art student or student, dressing up, so it was easy to shy away from the whole male thing, I wasn't feminine I've never looked feminine, more sort of dominatrix than dolly bird". At that time [Kahn & Bell], Martin Degville, Duran Duran, , were all experimenting with dressing up, not in a sexual way, so it was easier for him to go out in costume. "Most of us were on YTS (Youth Training Schemes) so you had about £30 - 40 a week, you had to pay your mum a tenner, the bus pass was a fiver, so you had 25 quid to live on, or £15 - 18 if you were smoking, but you'd still be out every night". At that time could create a whole outfit by spending £3 down the Rag Market! "What you're wearing can change how you feel and how you relate to people and how they relate to you as well, and because I was with a group of people with pink and blue hair and I was like that as well, nothing else mattered".

Contributed by: Twiggy, 40

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