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The Silver Web


The Silver Web

"Apart from the which was really the one the communist women had started, the first gay club I ever went to was called the in Wolverhampton, loads of gay women from Birmingham would have gone there. Me and my partner at the time were taken there by another gay woman who was a very outgoing sort of person. She said ‘I’ll take you to the Silver Web because it’s really good, you can have a good bop’. They had celebrity stars on and stuff like that. We were driving there in her car and as we were getting nearer she’s saying things like ‘When we get there it’s best really if we all go in one at a time because you get a lot of hassle’ and she really worked on this. I was terrified and, of course, it wasn’t true, she was just teasing. You’d got images of all the literature and all this stuff in the '70s about gay clubs being difficult to get into, places in London. I had no idea that there were gay clubs in Birmingham but there were. We went to the Silver Web about four times a year if there was somebody good on, a good singer, and it was good. What I remember about it is that you could have a really good dance there, there was a big dance floor and people were really friendly, men and women, it was good fun. I met some really nice people there".

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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