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The politics of gay clubs


The politics of gay clubs

"Iíve no idea about the politics of the because we didnít go there often enough to get to know the hierarchy but there was a lot of politics with a small Ďpí at gay clubs about who they would let in because they were all privately owned like they are now. Different to working menís clubs although of course they do kick black people out but the origins of it all were very democratic but thatís the last thing gay clubs wanted. Theyíve probably changed a lot now, I donít go clubbing any more, I'm too old. The old was up a back street and like the top floor of a terraced house, you went up these stairs and you had to sign in and be a member. I canít remember where it was, in town somewhere. I think I went there about three timesĒ.

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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