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Contrasting attitudes of Friend counsellors 1992


“I had spoken to a counselor in a face-to face situation and he was very supportive. He just said 'Be careful because of your age.' I was nineteen, twenty at the time. 'Good Luck. I think you'll be alright.' He wasn't looking to sexually exploit me or anybody. He seemed quite genuine. After a few weeks of going to the Friend Socials I met another counselor and I was just curious to ask questions. ‘ Where does it come from? Is it genetic? Is it a domineering mother?’ His reaction was an aggressive one. He turned round and said 'It's in nature. Animals do it.' I was kind of taken aback by his attitude bearing in my mind that counseling meant to be non-directed, non judgmental and empathic. He did take me to The and kind of said 'Get on with it.' He said he was going on to other places like the ; I wasn't prepared to go. I was grateful for him showing me around”.

Contributed by: Derek, 35

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