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Transvestites in women's discos (about 1975)


"The first time anything other than man on man, woman on woman that I became conscious of was at a fund raising gay thing in the city centre and there was some there. I couldn’t understand why they were all wearing the sorts of fussy clothing that we’d flung off and they sort of danced round their handbags, we just couldn’t understand why they wanted to take on that subjugation. That was my first experience of that.

The 's headquarters in Birmingham was called the which we wanted to be a bit different so any (women) could come but no men which was totally different to the other gay clubs which were the other way round. We ran this disco which was alright, we had one or two good nights but a transvestite turned up at that and nobody knew what to do because this guy was all in drag and was arguing ‘you should let me in because I’m a woman’. We had to be politically correct so this guy went into this meeting with these women, it was hilarious, you’ve got to laugh because people were feeling their way.”

Contributed by: Jean Turley, 72

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