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Women only disco at the Imperial


There was quite a divide between the political and non political lesbians, so Pam never went to the or the [Women’s Discos] at the .

She would go to “the rubbishy ones at The on a Wednesday evening, to chat someone up, not to get involved in some great political thing”.

“We were very proud that it was . You had to walk through the whole hotel, with all these heterosexual couples watching us traipse through to the disco at the back wondering what all these dubious women, some in shirts and ties, were doing. It finished at 10:30, lights on, music off, so everyone went back over the road to the Troc. The was originally all men until started to use it, which gave women licence to go. We were safe because old Nolly will look after us. It became a little bit more mixed.”

Contributed by: Pam Hudson, 63

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