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No women on the scene in the 60s


Trevor talks about the absence of women on the scene in the 1960s. “There was ladies there as well, but in those days, not so many ladies used to come out, but one or two used to come out. Why was that? There were no ladies in the bars, I find that strange but I never thought about it at the time but it was mostly men’s bars. I remember in the days, there was a lady, called ‘Ollio’ everyone used to say hello to her and she used to be in the corner every Saturday and Sunday night in the Troc, and she was there with her friend – a man, and her brother. It was never talked about but she was lesbian, and that would be the only woman who used to come into the Troc. Where were you in those days?! No matter where we went there was never any ladies…… but there were more girls in , they used to come into the .”

Contributed by: Trevor Hall, 76

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