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Boot Women not missed a month since 1993


Inge was one of the initiators of , a walking group for lesbians. “I remember the discussions, upstairs at the , years after the pub was no longer lesbian, we got together on a Tuesday, just a few friends and it just came out of an idea, hand out flyers, maybe some women would come. The first walk was March 93 and we’ve not missed a month since! I’d been to the in Wolverhampton the night before, we got a coach from the , (it used to be much better then, quieter, you could talk to people). I didn’t get back till 4 a.m. but I was there on the bridge of the at 9:00a.m. That formula continues, meet on the bridge, or at the start of the walk. Then, it was the first Sunday, now it’s the second Sunday of the month”.
“I am so pleased it has carried on, some of the people who were there in the beginning are still there. I was involved for ten years, but am less involved now”.

Contributed by: Inge Thornton, 46

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