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Women's Liberation Conference disco 1978


disco 1978
“I was working in a pub called the Ivy Bush, so I arranged that we would have the Friday night there but it was far too small a room, and we didn’t organise someone with a disco, a few of us brought along a few records, and it was just hopeless! (laughter). There was this major fight afterwards, because there was a football club met there as well and they decided that a bunch of lesbians (whether we were or not was irrelevant) was a perfect opportunity for a fight! Fortunately my boss was looking for an opportunity to ban the team, so this was an excellent opportunity to ban them for fighting so he was saying to the women, ‘There’s more of you, just go outside and beat the shit out of them, but just not in my pub’. It was an absolute cock-up!”

Contributed by: Caroline Hutton, 51

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