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Combating pornography and violence


“We (the ) were involved with WAVAW () and the anti-pornography stuff. We were always very active in the marches against ; we marched to and invaded a couple of porn shops, and got locked in, and I remember turning round and seeing through the window, Stacey with a great big brick in her hand shouting ‘Get out the way’ and she just chucked it at the window and smashed it and we all got out. It all went a bit wrong, that one, we’d done a press release which had been Gestetnered on the machine at my house, and the stupid woman who was in charge had already delivered the press release, and of course everything had gone wrong and we’d done criminal damage, so I had to race home and get rid of the Gestetner machine in case anyone caught me! That wasn’t just us." (the ).

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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