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Liberace a fag !


ďI think a lot of (the growing acceptance and awareness of homosexuality) was education.  Indirect education, of course, it was never spoken of as being a positive thing but people on television had become to be a little more open.  Not necessarily wide open but open enough - Liberace, for a start, however gay and camp, he was a great help, I think, to us.  He was a very good pianist, but he was accused in the British papers of being a fag and suing the newspaper and winning the case that he was not a fag but, of course, he was a fag, he was an old fag.  But Iíve had very little problems with anti-gay over the years and if I have, the bit Iíve had Iíve dealt with in my own way.Ē

Contributed by: Robin McGarry, 66

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