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Greenham Common women


Bridget said how proud she was of the Greenham Common Women, (a camp set up at an American base which was using it as a nuclear base) “There was lots of protest going on about nuclear war and missiles being used. Women camped out there for several years, and lived in tents, broke into the base, stopped vehicles etc. It moved from being those terrible women, to being a core of respect and support for their commitment, some women lived there for years, some from Birmingham used to go, there was a photo a few months ago of Trisha and others in one of the papers, the Guardian did it, some sort of anniversary, almost the same ilk as the Suffragettes, it went down in history as a massive movement for change and it did bring about change as they stopped using it as a nuclear base. That was a radicalising process for a lot of young women, started off with old feminists and lesbians but it wasn’t just the academics, there were a lot of working class women and anarchists and new age women and others along the spectrum down there.

Contributed by: Barbara Carter, 53, Bridget Malin, 62

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