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Patriarchy Study Group


A was set up, which met for the weekend in Leeds, London or Birmingham. “They were always vegetarian except in Birmingham when Stacey would cook and we’d have chops or a chicken. I remember her sticking her hand up a chicken and dancing around at Al Garthwaite’s house (in Leeds) which went down incredibly well!”(said with irony). It was about saying ‘we’re different’; there was quite a strong feeling that we were different from the Leeds and London versions, that we were up for the ideas and interested in being involved, but we thought it was silly not to talk to male taxi drivers to tell them where we wanted to go, we saw ourselves as a bit more sensible really but no less committed to the ideas”.
The Patriarchy Study group wrote ‘’ and other articles by Sandra McNeill and others. “As a set of ideas was very interesting and it produced an analysis of heterosexism that I don’t think has been improved on. We just got a bit up our own arses, it was all a bit narrow, there wasn’t really any point in defining ourselves in opposition to other women but it seemed like a good idea at the time”.

Contributed by: Trisha McCabe, 51

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