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Lesbians were 'woman-identified' in the 70s


Gill and Betty said they were both identifying with the in the mid 1970s.
B: “There was some sort of crossover then; for a while there used to be things like , where you would get lesbians going but also straight feminists would go”.
B: “For a while in the early days of the in Birmingham, there was a time when being was the important thing (for lesbians). I was thinking about things like the recent (July 2007), and of women mentioning gay men, and the feeling that now people are as opposed to woman-identified, and they see their allies as being gay men rather than necessarily being straight feminists as we would have done, I think”.
G: “I think at that time it was the lesbian women who really kept the running, therefore it was their energies far more than it was the straight women, though not entirely”.

Contributed by: Gill Coffin, 63, Betty Hagglund, 50

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