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Attitudes to gays at secondary school in Four Oaks


" We had a few pop stars that were camp and flamboyant. John Inman was on the telly in the 70s and 80s in Are You Being Served? and Larry Grayson. They weren't any kind of positive role models. All I saw was gay as being effeminate or camp. At the age of 14,15 I remember being conscious of some kids that were quite camp. In earlier times in junior school I was quite cruel to kids myself, taking the piss out of them by saying that they were gay and things like that. I was probably deferring my feelings. By the time I was 14,15 I was not like that and I tried to talk to people who I thought were gay and it turned out that I was right in some ways. They weren't easy to approach, they were terrible, they were so mixed-up. I remember my mate asking me about (which came in in 1988). I said 'What's that?' He said 'Itís about the promotion of homosexuality; I don't agree with it.' I wasn't that clued up about it. We had a discussion at school about what should happen to people with . All the lads said 'They should be put on a line and left to die'; the women were a bit more empathic. The House Tutor wasn't enforcing any of his views. We had the BNP outside our school.Ē

Contributed by: Derek, 35

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