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Forced to come out...sort of


I remember I was always different from the other girls, I was a tomboy and I was more interested in girls than boys. I knew that at an all girls school, people would outcast me,so I used to cover this by trying to hype myself up about boys, and pretend I had crushes on random guys, even writing poetry, but it never worked because I felt nothing, it just felt fake.

In year nine, I dropped the whole charade, and just didnt show an intrest in boys, which people found weird. Then in year nine, everything changed on a school trip to Ogwen. The girls were wearing bathing suites when using the shower, which had clear doors. I didn't know this, so sneaked in when everyone was playing outside. I wasn't even half finished when one of the girls ran in to get her shampoo or something like that. She saw me and I immediately attempted to cover myself, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. Then, instead of just going out and pretending she hadn't seen anything, she called everyone on the trip to come and see, so I was stood there humiliated for about five minutes. One of can I put it...more respected girls, shooed everyone out and helped me out of the shower with her face turned away so as not to embarrass me, and said that I could change in her dorm to avoid my embarrassment. I will never forget her kindness.

Anyhow, later, people made comments and jeered, in which I huffily replied "Well, we're all women on this trip, so I honestly do not see what all this fuss is about." At that point, people had made up their minds that I was a lesbian, and the minute we were back in Birmingham, the rumours seemed to fly around faster than a speeding bullet. Those few months were absolute hell, so I decided that the only way to solve my problems was to come out as bisexual, the girls would get an answer, and I wouldn't get as much hassle as I would for being a lesbian. I still get the occasional gay bash, but what's hard is when people come up to me claiming they're real bisexuals, and that I don't know because I haven't been with men or women. I have yet to come up with a witty reply to that and cover my tracks.

Contributed by: laydee-zee92, 17