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Cuckoo’s Nest 1989 - 90


“I was recruited to the , a women’s ceilidh band, because the had put up some money to organise a ceilidh and they wanted a women’s band to play. Pam Bishop was going to put together this band, when the whole thing fell through, they hadn’t got it together and there was no gig, but a group of us by then was playing together, I think I was the only one still, just, identifying as a lesbian. I later kind of came out of that life; we weren’t a lesbian band but we were relevant because any feminist or lesbian groupings wanting a band would have to look to us whether they like folk music or not, because we were the only game in town, other than a few rock line-ups that came and went”.

“Year on year we performed on [International Women’s Day], and also the Women in Ireland, who kept going, every year they got some money from the Women’s Unit and they couldn’t get an Irish women’s band so they’d get us, and we’d do some Irish stuff, and it used to be in , the Anarchist Café, run by Radical Roots, until it ran out of money.”

Contributed by: Belinda, 60

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