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Rubyfruit played Birmingham and Chicago


consisted of , Lorna Eady and myself. came about because some of us had been to ’s voice workshops; took me along, so there was already this interest in , and all those Bulgarian harmony things, it grew out of that. I was at that point sharing a house with Caroline and several other people. We performed at the and other places. We actually performed at Mountain Moving Coffee House in Chicago, we went to Chicago and stayed with my family.

We performed at the , before that disastrous in Birmingham, (1978) because Lorna pretty much left feminism and lesbianism after that conference. There were a number of women it just drove out and away completely.

I can remember three songs specifically written by : the ‘, ‘The Kerb Crawling Song’, and our own version of (is marching).

- version

'Oh sisters don’t you weep, don’t you mourn.
Oh sisters don’t you weep, don’t you mourn.
The Women’s Army is marching.
Oh sisters don’t you weep.'

We wrote a verse for each of the six demands of the .
'Contraception must be free so we’ll only be pregnant when we want to be.
Abortion on demand must also be free. No more unwanted pregnancies.
Twenty four hour nursery care. While you work, leave your children there

I don’t remember the equal pay, equal opportunities,or the sexuality ones.

(The words of the and the can be found in separate memories)

Contributed by: Betty Hagglund, 50

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