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Women’s Music: Touring


Women’s Music: Touring:
“Oh and tours! The Chris Williamson tour, Alex Dobkin, Holly Near, Sweet Honey in the Rock tour! Meg Christian, and Kay Gardener and Judy Small (who is Australian, and the rest are American). I don’t drive and constantly had to find nice friends to take me. Oh God, and fortunately I could always find someone at a loose end who was happy to do it for no money but the excitement of getting into the concert, some free albums, a tour sweatshirt, I’d buy them meals, and we stayed in people’s houses so it was all gloriously make-shift. The sheer adrenalin from when everyone pours out of a concert fired up with this wonderful time they’ve had and desperate to take it away with them, half of them will probably never play the album again, it doesn’t matter, they want to buy something to take away with them. Being able to do that at that sort of speed, and if the money and the stock-take added up at the end of the day – it was very intense and great fun”.

Contributed by: Caroline Hutton, 51

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