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Women’s music scene


Belinda was also involved in the alternative scene, establishing a reputation as a lesbian feminist musician. Before she came to Birmingham “I had a brief moment of fame in with two other women, each performing their own material, largely at lesbian/gay/feminist venues such as the , even touring Sweden in 1980.”

Belinda’s reputation as a musician preceded her move to Birmingham, where “I was called upon to join with people and do things which was very satisfying for me. I was involved in a feminist initiative to have a Women’s Music Day in 1981. I was also in a band called ; I was the only lesbian although they performed at which were predominantly lesbian. This was the early days of punk and new wave, attracting audiences of a new group of lesbians coming out for the first time, particularly some younger women who became quite prominent in the Birmingham alternative arts establishment. They wrote a lot about music and established ‘Fanzines’, exploring music and culture and had links with the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham University”.

Contributed by: Belinda, 60

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