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Suburbs and growing older


Suburbs and growing older

ďIíve mostly lived in the , , corridor for 20 years and I really liked being part of the furniture of an area, and part of a community, not necessarily part of a lesbian community. Now Iíve moved in with my partner in Kings Heath, and itís fine. Itís not the same as living in the neighbourhood where everyone knew me. I know who I know, the old hags from my era, but weíve settled down into suburban life as you do when you grow up, I am remembering when I went to a bar in town and looked at all these young women and thought, ĎI donít know any of them, Iím not particularly interested in talking to any of them, Iíve moved on, Iíve grown upíĒ. (laughter).

Contributed by: Caroline Hutton, 51

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